How You Can Achieve an Immortal Beard

How You Can Achieve an Immortal Beard

Rebellious Beard? Show it who's Boss. 

Are you ready for a weightless, effortless way to tame your mane this year? If you're done with the itchy beard, wiry mane, or patchy slow growth- I hear you. I've been there. You won't believe these dramatic before and after photos. Using our Vamp Boss Beard Butter provided SENSATIONAL results within two weeks: softer mane, faster growth, no more itchy skin.

IF you're someone who has a beard with patchy or thinner areas or inconsisetent growth--you're not alone. As a Native American Apache, we naturally have minimal facial hair. But after following specific steps, I saw an immediate change in my consistent beard growth was noticeable. 

Man with beard before use of Vamp Boss-growth is slow and some dryness stiff hairs. After using Vamp Boss beard butter, beard is full, soft, even and hydrated.
“First pic below is Before I started using Vamp Boss beard butter. 

November 2018


 2nd pick below is 60 days later. After using Vamp Boss, I experienced consistent even growth that was full, healthy, and soft. No other product out there came close. It's why I curated Vamp Boss beard care.

After Vamp Boss Beard Butter: January 2019

2 months later-Full, healthy, long


Our clients love to tell us how much they love

Vamp Boss Botanical Beard Butter!

Facebook Testimonial that the Vamp Boss Beard Butter works great and smell fantastic and invigorating!

For you to get next level results in your beard, follow these tips:

  • Add nutrition to your beard. This leads to flexibility, elasticity, softness, and moisturized skin that is easier for your beard to grow through.
    • Results? No itch, soft mane, faster growth.Prioritize quality ingredients UP FRONT. I got results because we have a myriad of nutrient rich natural and organic goodness in our butters.

We want men to be healthy by putting only what's best on their skin and hair. You will not find this level of premium goodness in beard care products anywhere else on the market (Apologies for the blurry pic—but my goal is to capture real life in the moment)."

The pic below is my Spring beard maintenance in March, I trimmed it up a bit for a fresh look getting ready to face the world.

If you want to get the look, simply shop our Natural & Organic beard care collection.

If you have questions about beard care , please tap the Blue Facebook Messenger Icon in your lower right hand screen and we are happy to assist you.


--Uni & Iset

Vamp Boss Co-Founders







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