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Tired of putting chemical cocktails in your mane? Are you done with the broken ends, frizzy hair, and oily/dry see-saw?

 Our Vamp Boss Veda Hair care system is phenomenal and leads to longer, stronger, sleeker hair. Tried and True Results from Day 1.

Finally, a natural & organic hair care system that actually does what it says--and delivers with classy sophisticated style!

In time for your HOLIDAY NEEDS-- We've just released The Luxury Kit for Velvety Hair: Includes super potent chemical free hair FAVES including hibiscus nutritional hair mask, botanical henna and fenugreek Strengthening Tea, Aloe Vera Botanical mist, and our Flagship Best Performing Immortal Nectar oils/serum for massive hair improvement. 

PLUS a Free Gift included in the Luxury Kit: our Super Potent Luxury Body Butter: Immortal Glow--Our Lavender Sandalwood scent. 

If you are human, and you have hair, this is for you.


A husband and wife who are clients provide their testimonial on facebook that Vamp Boss hair products make their hair happy and healthy.

 Take action and purchase Vamp Boss and you will see results.

After using Vamp Boss Veda you will: 

  • confidently rock your tresses in any situation and KNOW your hair will show up. Healthy new stimulated hair growth and an accelerated growth rate faster than you thought possible.
  • Get sleek straight hair or sleek defined spirals because our Ph balanced system is packed with science-backed nutrients giving each individual what they need to get noticeable results.   
  • Obtain a naturally hydrated glossy luster: your scalp and hair will feel clean and happy--no more excess oiliness or overly dry scalp & hair. 

 Review our selection and purchase today. Our Royal Vintages of high quality productions are limited quantities. Purchase early.


I know, you’re tired of being a product junky--tired of all those half-ass created products that don't deliver on their promises. And you're willing to throw down coinage---if it's the right offer--because who doesn't want stylish hair?

We hear you loud and clear. We offer unique luxury in a sophisticated formula designed to perform.  We deliver on that promise with formulas that contain high quality premium botanicals coupled with a premium high-tech bottle designed to boost the effectiveness of its contents. 


One busy professional with long waist length hair has been raving about her results. Her dry and 'sad' frizzy hair needed help. After using our Weekly Indulgence Deep Nutrition Masque-- she immediately felt softness and sleekness and frizz free from one use. The essential oil aroma made her feel so good during the treatment and the scent lasted for days after!


We invite you to purchase from our selection of royal quality hair care products that will help you achieve your style with confidence. 

During shopping if you have questions or need assistance, please click  the Blue Facebook Messenger icon at the bottom right and one of our Vamp Boss members will be happy to assist you. No Bots. Just Humans.


Happy Shopping!

Iset, Vamp Boss Co-Founder 

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