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Vamp Boss Veda Kit

Vamp Boss Veda Kit

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We've got what you need to ReVamp your look! Rebellious hair? Show it who's Boss with our Vamp Boss Veda Kit.

Kit includes:

"Immortal Nectar" Hair Growth Accelerating Serum. 1oz

"Kiss of Life":  100% Aloe Vera Water + Essential Oils Hair Moisturizing Hair Mist 8 oz.  

"Dragon's Mist" Botanical & Ayurvedic Hair Strengthening Tea 8 oz. A strengthening Leave In Conditioner. 

“Weekly Indulgence” Botanical & Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Gloss 2 oz.

Beard Butter “Orange Chocolate Cedar” Beard Care for healthy beard growth (lightweight with only therapeutic essential oils—no synthetics) 2oz.

Plus! A free gift: our NEW “Immortal Glow” Lavender Sands Body Butter Creme. Lavender and Sandalwood heavenly scent-therapeutic essential oils. Packed with botanicals, botanical butters, and nutritive oils to revive skin. 


**Made with our Wild Harvested Organic Lavender.**