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We help you achieve your dreams faster: Whether stronger, shinier, or longer hair. Are you ready? Here's why we're the best that delivers results up front better than the rest:

  • We are the ONLY natural & organic Hair care system containing USDA Organic MSM. Boosting your keratin production for faster results you will see within days.
  • We double down on quality and craftsmanship driven by results that fit in with your laidback luxury style. Only the best and we do not skimp. Our formulations are fit for royals. It's why we call it our Royal Vintage.
  • We hand-craft in small batches using a sophisticated curation process for maximum potencies. Correct sequence, accurate temperatures, and infusing our fine botanicals in our elixirs for a minimum number of weeks for high performance. This process takes time and is never rushed to bring you the highest quality consistently.
  • Our glycerine is the highest quality Kosher Vegan Non-GMO plant glycerine. Our curation methods amplify the delivery and absorption rate of the beneficial vitamins into your hair and scalp.
  • Our single sourced highest quality organic beeswax can only be found in Vamp Boss products--no where else. Sourced from a local ethical beekeeper whose hives live on organic farms throughout the Valley. It has a one of a kind fragrance of warm marshmallows, and creamy sweet caramel like aroma.
  • We are the only hair care line that uses a high-tech UV filtering premium  glass bottle for our luxury serums and botanical mists. This glass filters out all harmful light spectrums while allowing in the beneficial light spectrum. This prevents growth of bacteria while increasing the potency and shelf life of your products. Quality is maintained well beyond the timeline of other luxury natural and organic brands.