Oregon's First Luxury Natural and Organic Hair Care Brand! Black-Owned, Native-Owned, Latin-Owned, Family-Owned #AllTexturesAreProfessional Ready to Get Luxed Up?

The Vamp Boss Difference

We help you achieve a consistent and confident look.

 Whether stronger, shinier, or longer hair that shows up in your profession.

Whether a healthy happy beard that is versatile and dependable-just like you.

Or it's the softest touch from nurtured and protected hands and feet.

Are you ready? Here's why we're the best that delivers results up front better than the rest:

  • We are the ONLY natural & organic Hair care system containing USDA Organic MSM. Boosting your keratin production for faster results you will see within days.
  • We double down on quality and craftsmanship driven by results that fit in with your laidback luxury style. Our formulations are fit for royals. You're in the right place.
  • Our sophisticated curation process is never rushed to bring you the highest quality consistently.
  • Our methods bring you the MOST beneficial vitamins into your hair, beard, and skin. Hello Gorgeous.
  • Our single sourced highest quality organic beeswax has a one of a kind fragrance of warm marshmallows, and creamy sweet caramel like aroma. Ethically sourced. 
  • Quality is maintained well beyond the timeline of other luxury natural and organic brands. You get more out of our products.