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Vamp Boss LLC

Mini Luxe Hair Kit: Discovery Travel Size

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The Gift

$145 Value.

The "Mini Luxe Hair Kit: Discovery Travel Size" is a portable travel sized replica of our full size Immortal Hair Collection (Full size pictured; mini size will be shipped). Results in Week One!

This Ultimate Gift packed with ceramides, antioxidants, hair hydration, and stengtheners. All in eco-friendly re-usable travel size bottles.

Keep the Mini Hair Slay for gym, travel, office, or special occasions with photoshoots. This is a complete luxe-up for stunning hair. 

The Gift- What's Included

For the first time ever, we put together our BIGGEST & BEST heavy hitting staples in a Mini Hair Slay Kit for your hair.

Luxe Kit Includes

  • (1) Dragon's Mist Botanical Leave-In Hair Tea 1.7 oz
  • (1) Kiss of Life Botanical Leave-In 1.7 oz
  • (1) Luxury Botanical Hair Butter: (Orange Chocolate Cedar) 0.34 oz
  • (1) Immortal Nectar Super Serum 0.5 oz
  • (1) Weekly Indulgence Ayurveda Luxury Hair Masque 1.5 oz (Full Size)
  • Bonus: Vamp Stick perfect for lasting hydration (Full Size 0.17 oz)


The Benefits and Results

BEST SELLER "Dragon's Mist Leave-In Strengthening Hair Mist" Botanical & Ayurvedic Leave In with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. This fills in crevices in weak strands of hair making it stronger and increasing length retention. Adds elasticity for soft, bouncy, hair. Phenomenal hair refresher between wash days, salon visits, or barber shop sessions. Made with moisturizers and humectants rich in Vitamin E infused with potent botanicals and essential oils. 

BEST SELLER "Botanical Hair Butter: Nourish & Protect"  Lightweight, velvety, and fast absorbing hair care for healthy hair growth and taming flyaways. Made from the best botanical plant butters, and infused with potent Ayurvedic herbs, botanicals, and essential oils. This goes beyond your normal hair sealer or pomade with luxury results. It truly nourishes and protects your hair from roots to the ends! 

 "Immortal Nectar" Super Serum for Scalp & Strands Increases hair's keratin production, boosts oxygen and nutrients to the hair root and scalp. Results are healthy growth, less hair fall, stronger hair root attachment, stimulates noticeably healthier thriving hair. Length retention due to healthier ends. Boosted with Organic MSM-the building blocks for keratin for hair & skin/scalp.

 "Kiss of Life” Hair Mist For hydrated touchable hair, seals cuticles and adds shine to hair. Ph balancing with enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Great for clarifying the scalp keeping it happy. 

“Luxury Money Masque” Ayurvedic Deep Conditioner for Radiance. Imparts gloss, softness, and frizz free hair. Extremely fortifying for balanced strength and moisture deep into the core of your hair strands and deep to roots of hair follicles. Leaves a long lasting affect. Strong root attachment, glossy hair, noticeable difference. 

The Ingredients

-All Vegan Products-Therapeutic grade essential oils-No parabens -No silicones -No synthetic fragrances –No Mineral oil-No animal testing

Customer Reviews

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  • J.S., Happy Queen

    I've been using the oils, and deep conditioners as well as the aloe hair mists. Thanks again!

  • Dr. Luhui W.

    "Big shout out to Vamp Boss and your amazing hair masque! My curls were ready for the day after using it. #IndigenousBusinesses #SupportBlackBusinesses #SupportLatinxBusinesses"

  • Jessie C.

    "I was finally able to use the henna hair masque... and my hair is SOO SOO happy!! I haven't had my hair this happy in longer than I can remember. Also using the aloe mists.It's all awesome!"

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  • Addicted and Amazed!

    Thank you for keeping my bleached hair soft and silky! I'm addicted and amazed. Plus, the glass bottled can be refilled!

  • This is SO Money!

    To prep for my semiannual blowdry length check, I always start with the Money Masque and use the hair teas to prep my blowdry and style.

  • I love the way my hair feels!

    You're the best! I keep feeling how soft it is.

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  • Perfect Natural Hair Care Luxury

  • Still Hella Soft

    My hair feels amazing! Left it {the masque} in for 5 hours

  • Hair looks really good babe!

    I'm telling you this product is so freaking amazing!

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