10 Tips for Winter Hair Care That BANGS: Part 1 Intro

10 Tips for Winter Hair Care That BANGS: Part 1 Intro

As a fellow naturalista in corporate, I made this video series on staying ahead of heat damage because I read the struggles of natural professionals trying to *stay* natural while showing up daily for their careers.

Watch these quick tips that got me passed “years stuck at collarbone length with dry hair” and into my “Curl Queen” & “Silk Press Empress” styles that became my trademark.

So, for Corporate Baddies and Busy Bombshells like you, I’m sharing my tried-and-true Boss Hair Secrets in a series of 10 nano-tip videos .

I’m Iset Sevilla-Bazan, CEO of Vamp Boss. My husband Unnefer and I founded Vamp Boss together and we’ve helped clients achieve highly distinctive results in 7 days applying these tips.

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  • how the integrity of hair is affected by heat styling
  • How porosity changes from heat damage
  • How porosity affects our hair's nutrient intake

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(#Videodescription : A business woman with brown skin, Red glasses, and below shoulder length natural hair is dressed in an all black blouse with a scalloped neckline and scalloped shoulder design. She wears a Mayan-Made necklace that is made of medium sized clay beads. Behind her is an exquisite set of mini natural and organic hair care items in violet black glass bottles, and lip balms in bamboo tubing set on a vintage tray.

The slide has the following titles: “WINTER HAIR CARE DEEP CONDITIONING”
•Heat damage, blow drying tools, flat irons, and hot air brushes
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