World Vamps Come Out To Play! #BIPOCVampDay September 18-19

World Vamps Come Out To Play! #BIPOCVampDay September 18-19

The world is ready to welcome Melanated Vampiric Children of the Night: BIPOC Vamp Day

September 18-19

Celebrating Vampire Culture


If you noticed that victorian, vintage, and Vampire artistry is lacking diversity-you’re right. Here at Vamp Boss, we even have a hard time finding inspirational Vampire photos of people of Indigenous, Asian, African, and Latin descent.

(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/BlackBettieCosplay)


In walks "Black Bettie Cosplay" who's the creator of the "#BIPOC Vamp Day" takeover.

This is the innaugaral year of the BIPOC Vamp Day and was inspired by #BlackFaeDay. 

BIPOC Vamp Day focuses on getting the Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latin, and Pacific Islander enthusiasts of ornate Vampire culture to be celebrated and seen. 

BIPOC means Black, Indigenous, & People of Color

Black Bettie Cosplay created BIPOC Vamp Day: 



 How do I participate in BIPOC Vamp Day?

Just like #BlackFaeDay, all you have to do to participate is use the hashtag when sharing your work – the hashtag being #BIPOCVampDay.

This work isn’t limited to costumes. This includes

  • artwork,
  • stories,
  • games,
  • All types of media to celebrate vampiric BIPOC.
  • Share your culture, your favorite lore, or invent a character
  • Participants can embrace existing vampires or come up with their own original creations.

Event and art by: BlackBettieCosplay

As BlackBettieCosplay posted, there are only a couple of vampires of color in comparison to hundreds of white vampires throughout pop culture. 

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(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures/BlackBettieCosplay)


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