How to Supercharge Your Hair with Ayurveda in 7 Days or Less

How to Supercharge Your Hair with Ayurveda in 7 Days or Less


How To Supercharge Your Hair In Less Time with Ayurveda

When you hear the term Ayurveda, a couple of things come to mind: One: “You heard it gives amazing results and you’ve been DYING to try it”.  Or two: “WTF is Ayurveda?” 

Think of Ayurveda as your hair’s best friend, wing man, guardian angel, earthly gift to your Hair problems: hair fall, dandruff, stunted growth, and dull frizzy hair. 

We're sharing the key Ayurvedic information that gave us an amplified affect on the health, strength, and length of our hair. 

What We’re Talking about in Today’s Article

  • A. Intro to Ayurveda and how it defines ‘Lasting Beauty’. 
  • B. Top 9 Hair Problems that Ayurveda Solves 
  • C. Results Your Hair Can Expect with Ayurveda
  • D. 3 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Hair.

 Trust me, I was a skeptic. Until I finally tried it for myself. In one use, I felt a difference like nothing I tried before: Stronger, shinier hair with no fly aways. In one week, I saw sped up growth that I had to do a double take on.

Intro to Ayurveda & Lasting Beauty 

Ayurveda herbs have been in use for thousands of years in India with a legacy and heritage of proven formulas for hair growth, health, and vitality visible in both women and men. These botanical formulas founded in science are used by people all over the world with amazingly gorgeous results that have proven to be timeless. 

According to Ayurveda, BEAUTY is the external glow of internal health. And just so there is no confusion, I want to say this up front and be clear:  when Ayurvedic texts or Vamp Boss speaks of beauty—we are speaking to both the gentlemen and ladies.. Expressions of beauty, balance, and potential are both masculine and feminine. Okay. 

 Ayurveda is based on three pillars for beauty: 

  • Outer Beauty
  • Inner Beauty
  • Lasting Beauty
    1. Outer Beauty (Roopam): It is “to shine”, and we see this in healthy people who have an outer radiance. Its externally visible in their skin and hair. They have an outer energy/aura/glow. The nutrition you provide your skin and hair topically as well as the healthy activities you incorporate into your lifestyle.
    2. Inner light or beauty radiates around them (Gunam): Someone who is giving, kind, patient, happy, and energetic. Perhaps you’re that person. Or you’ve seen someone that exudes a certain beaming radiance. People can perceive this exuding from your presence..
    3. Lasting Beauty (Vayastyag): healthy older individual young beyond their years still getting better with age. Generally via diet, routine, herbal formulations, transcendence experience regularly. 

Proper transformation maintains these pillars of beauty.

When you apply pure nutrition and natural ingredients in your diet and personal care regimen, you create life-supporting transformation that is reflected in your hair and skin. 

Transformation includes your cellular renewal, cell turnover, your metabolic function to transform food to molecules we make use of, our organ functions transforming toxins to waste and properly expelling from the body. 

Daily practice is at the foundation of Ayurveda.

Our daily rituals--our choices, practices and routines fuel our transformative processes. We are literally a mental and physical embodiment of transformation: our cells completely regenerate every seven years. 

The underlying Ayurvedic principle is that Beauty is Balance.

Balance between our cells constantly transforming, our tissues and organs on a macro and micro level. When these are all in balance, it is reflected as an aura about you; an actual glow or appearance of beauty. 

"This comprehensive level of balance is the source of true lasting beauty which radiates from within and reflects in every fiber of our being, including our skin, hair, and eyes." 

a bowl of organic fenugreek seeds which is a superfood for hair is next to a large Himalayan salt crystal lamp. the glow of candle light is in the top corner.

Top 9 Hair Problems Ayurveda Solves

The key for you to spend less time on your hair while getting a huge return on results is incorporating Ayurvedic herbs into your hair care regimen. Hands down. Each Ayurvedic herb, like Henna for example, is a powerhouse that will boost your hair in multiple ways for maximum results. Scientifically proven to fight: 

  • Hair fall 
  • Dandruff 
  • stunted growth
  • split ends
  • Weak hair prone to breakage
  • dull hair 
  • frizz, dry, overheated,
  • Damaged hair (heat, chemical, pollutants) 
  • Delay Greying of hair

Your path to vibrant hair starts from within at the root of the problem…. 

 Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Shedding

Attachment of the root of the hair to the scalp is key to preventing shedding and reducing hair fall: the stronger the connection, the longer the hair stays.

Broken ends, Frizzy Hair, Dull

For the hair shaft itself, it all starts within the hair shaft—if you nourish the hair with ingredients that penetrate the layers of the hair shaft—to the core of the hair—you will see amazing improvement in shine, silky appearance, and flexibility.

Dandruff, Flaky Scalp with irritations causing Hair to rip from scalp, Oily Scalp with Dry Hair

The scalp houses all of the hair roots and follicles. The skin is the largest organ you have and your scalp is unique as it is the multi-nutrient highway that transports everything your hair needs to flourish and crank out that quality Crown you wear every day. Inflammation from irritation can cause hair bulb to be squeezed and stressed which makes you create thinner strands of hair than usual. 

Thin Hair, Weak prone to Breakage, Growth Stunted 

The bulb or root of the hair is the machine that powers the ‘health’ of the new growth of your hair. If your root bulb is healthy, you will push out quality healthy hair… if it is unhealthy, you will push out hair growth that does not reflect your potential. Inflammation from irritation can cause the hair bulb to be squeezed and stressed which makes you create thinner strands of hair than usual. Weaker, lower quality hair prone to breakage and slow to grow.

External & Environmental Stress: Lifeless hair, Fragile, depleted.

Thin Hair, Weak prone to Breakage, Growth StuntedExternal and Environmental Stress (Amplifies any of the problems above) Lifeless hair, fragile, depleted.

Now that you understand your hair’s environment, let’s talk about the stressors that work against us having healthy hair. Additives actually hinder and stunt the health of your hair and scalp, exasperating the problem. 

Ayurvedic formulas do not not include the following ingredients because they go against the principle of Ayurveda:

Harmful synthetics







Those items physically weaken and damage the hair. Add to that environmental factors such as 

  • cold windy drying winters that deplete the scalp and hair of moisture 
  • hot dry summers with UV rays and evaporation of moisture 
  • salty oceans and chlorinated pools
  • Smog, air pollutants and free radicals

All of these stressors can really test our hair if we are already experiencing weak damaged hair. 

Emotional and Mental Stress Amplifies Our hair problems

What’s unique is our  state of mind is causing the affect, right? Actual stress causes our bodies to physically produce certain chemicals more, and other chemicals less. These stress induced chemical changes cause us to get out of sync; this means the functioning of our hair cells is also out of sync. Things like constricted hair roots, making thinner strands of hair prone to breakage. Or an inflamed scalp stunting the health of the hair bulb at the root, which causes the hair to detach from the root... aka hair fall. 

But don’t worry. It’s possible to bounce back from these experiences. Those are temporary conditions and remember, you are continually transforming on a cellular level. Just start implementing nutrient rich natural and organic care and  your hair and skin cells will bounce back.

Results Your Hair Can Expect with Ayurveda

This Cocktail of Ayurvedic Botanicals Will Supercharge Your Hair

Are you ready to get maximum killer results while spending less time managing your hair? People of all continents, nationalities, and hair types are reaping the benefits from these herbal powerhouses. And have been for thousands of years.

Ayurvedic herbs instantly gave my hair a soft silky feel. It had shine, and felt strong when tugged. For my spirals, ringlets, each spiral was more defined and the hair laid in a well behaved way. For my husband who has straight loose body waves, his hair was also silky with shine, soft to the touch— frizz free and laid in a sleek well behaved manner


In Ayurveda formulas, the chosen plants, flowers, seeds and roots stimulate the hair follicle, boost blood circulation, maximize the hair growth cycle, and reduce inflammation so your hair root can maximize its production. (There’s more, i just can’t list it all here.) 

In addition, the herbs are cleansing and astringent while at the same time being conditioning and nourishing. Cleansing Ayurvedic herbs are more effective and gentle than a traditional shampoo with no residue or build up left behind.

Ayurvedic herbs, botanicals, and select essential oils boost the amount of keratin supply to the hair by boosting YOUR production of keratin at the hair root. 

And my personal favorite: They increase the amount of time your hair cell spends in the growing phase, and decrease the amount of time spent in the shedding phase bolstering your hair growth and length checks to another dimension. Period. 

Major Players in Ayurvedic Herbs & Practices



Olive Oil


Fenugreek Seeds

Coconut Oil


Hibiscus Flowers

Argan Oil

Your hair is the regal crown on display, and want it to reflect YOUR style as the Luxurious Lady or Gorgeous Gentleman you are. 

If you know Ayurveda and botanical remedies are worth every dollar but you're just not sure where to begin, you can request your free reference:

Top 9 Ayurvedic Herbs for Killer Hair Results here

This guide lists:

Top 9 Ayurvedic herbs plus each corresponding

+ Vitamins & minerals 

+ improvements to hair cells & scalp cells

+ Results these nutritional powerhouses bring to condition of your hair

In the meantime, start with these Three easy ways to ReVamp Your Hair. 


3 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Hair

You can take 3 easy steps to start improving your hair and taking it from "So So" to "Boss Level". These steps are the first thing I did before jumping into a botanical haircare regimen and the results were very noticeable not just for me, but for our family and friends that acted on this advice.

It’s your first step towards healthy, shiny, vibrant hair for you, your love, your fam. You can do it too. Here’s how I started:

  1. Read the labels of your shampoo and condish in your cabinet right now.
    Refuse to use shampoos and condish if you find it contains harmful ingredients. Don’t even finish the bottle. Just throw it out. Do not give it to a friend. (for obvious reasons). Before you purchase your next shampoo/condish, read the labels and compare brands. (Do it for you. For your love. For your fam.) It’s a quick way to eliminate BS from your life.
  1. Switch brands or products if you find harmful ingredients. Start using a natural or organic shampoo & condish or implement nutrient teas and rinses. You and I can no longer assume all ingredients in our beauty and grooming products are safe. The majority of brands sneak in drying stripping ingredients that work against healthy scalp and hair and actually exacerbate dry, weak hair and hair loss.

If you switch to a healthy, natural product-- you will nourish your hair and scalp with nutrition.(For you. Your love. Your fam.) Remember: the frequent practices we implement are most important for a true lasting affect according to Ayurveda principles. For true lasting beauty. Switching shampoo/condish is the easiest change to make that will have a HUGE impact on the rate of your results.

  1. Stop the Negative. Seek the positive.

Reducing stress will literally improve our hair shine and retention. One of Ayurveda’s Three Pillars of Beauty is your inner light--your mental wellbeing and heart faculties. Scientific evidence shows if we are stressed, our state of mind can have a hormonal effect on our cellular function.

If our mental state causes negative affects for us physically, then our state of mind can cause a positive effect for us physically.

Use essential oils in your hair care for their stress reducing effects as they enter the bloodstream through your sense of smell. Think positive thoughts about yourself, your day, and your hair when you get yourself ready throughout the day.

Are You Committed to transformation? OK…

Then start with this ONE THING:

  • Read the ingredient label of your shampoo or condish to make an informed choice

Not sure where to start? Check out our Vlog on what the labels really mean on shampoo:

Blog: What You Must Know Before Buying Shampoo Online

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As the consumer YOU have the power and leverage. Use it by voicing your discoveries in the comments and sharing.

Amoris et lucci (love and light),

Iset & Uni

Vamp Boss Co-Founders

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