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Your Guide for Boss Level Hair-Part 1

Avoid BIG Mistakes Before You Shop with these Easy Steps

Nothing worse than buying shampoo and conditioner only to realize you wasted your TIME, your HAIR's amazing progress, and your monetary assets.

So BEFORE you buy that trendy shampoo or conditioner and gift to a loved one, DO THIS!

1. Read the labels of your current shampoo and conditioner in your cabinets and bathrooms.

Pick out the names you recognize that sound great for you. Now pick out the names that you can't pronounce or seem confusing. Some products use drying chemicals to cleanse hair or product lather. Others put synthetics in there just to give it a 'slippery feel' but it's not improving the quality or feel of the hair.

Refuse to use shampoos and condish if you find it contains harmful ingredients. Don’t even finish the bottle. Just throw it out. Do not give it to a friend. (for obvious reasons). Before you purchase your next shampoo/condish, read the labels and compare brands. (Do it for you. For your love. For your fam.) It’s a quick way to eliminate BS from your life.

2. Switch brands or products if you find harmful ingredients.

Start using a natural or organic shampoo & condish or implement nutrient teas and rinses. You and I can no longer assume all ingredients in our beauty and grooming products are safe. Many well known or popular brands sneak in drying stripping ingredients that work against healthy scalp and hair and actually exacerbate dry, weak hair and hair loss.

If you switch to a healthy, natural product-- you will nourish your hair, your spirit-and your family if you shop for others.

Remember: the frequent practices we implement are most important for a true lasting affect according to Ayurveda principles. Switching shampoo/condish is the easiest change to make that will have a HUGE impact on the rate of your results.

Before you shop-get our guide of ingredients to love & avoid!

Get our 2020 Clean Beauty Shampoo & Condish Shopping Guide. We compare ingredient names and look at how to spot the 'Fakers' from the 'flossers'!

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