You're the Boss! Get your Skin to Act Right

You're the Boss! Get your Skin to Act Right

Here's your 30 second Luxe Lesson for skin so fresh.

You'll look like you just stepped out of a Victorian Era painting.

Glycerin... it's a botanical powerhouse. Here's why.

Humectants ----} Lead to Increased Elasticity---} which lead to Supple glowing skin.

Glycerin is a Humectant which by nature pulls moisture deep under the surface of the skin.

We use glycerin as well in our Vamp Boss Botanical Body Butter and in the video, Norma shared her results from applying it on her skin.

It always feels good to give people results that make them happy and confident!

 Continued in the comments below! Add your questions or experience with glycerin for skin!


In love and light,

Iset & Unnefer

Vamp Boss Founders



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Glycerin also pulls the micronutrients, vitamins, and botanical benefits deep into the skin with it.

This means you’ll see results IMMEDIATELY in your skin and will continue to feel soft and supple during continued use.
Glycerin provides better efficiency and feeling results more quickly. Look for glycerin in your natural and organic skincare products because it is truly a powerhouse.

HOWEVER… be sure it says “Vegetable Glycerin” or “Plant Based Glyerin” otherwise, it’s glycerin from an animal byproduct. We always use a plant glyerin for highest luxe quality.

Hope this post helps you on your Quest for Natural Wellness.
—Iset, Vamp Boss Founder


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