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Vamp Boss LLC

Vamp Boss Beard Butter “Lavender Sandalwood Forest"

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Vamp Boss Luxury Beard Butter “Lavender Sandalwood Forest"

Our #1 Seller and highly recommended by customers.

The Immortal Beard. Feel the results after one use and get uplifted by the Scent of the Gods with our Sandalwood & Lavender combination.

No more wiry ends, no more patches of growth, no more dry itchy irritated skin.

THIS lightweight, creamy, whipped natural and organic Beard Butter is AMAZING for keeping your beard soft, tamed, and healthy while also supporting healthy skin underneath.  You’ll notice a difference to the touch after ONE use-and improved growth within two weeks.

This heavenly scent of woodsy sandalwood with a high note of lavender and warm marshmallow like undertones will uplift you any time of the day. We are the only beard butter on the market with a sole supplier of the organic raw beeswax that has an amazing full fragrance.

Multipurpose use:

  • Pre-shave balm: softens and hydrates skin and hair to facilitate shaving and trimming
  • Aftershave balm: soothes skin and supports healthy cell recovery. Softens hair to reduce itchiness from new growth
  • Beard Maintenance: Provides nutrition to beard that softens, strengthens, and relieves itchy skin underneath. Accelerates healthy growth and fills in patchy areas

Infused with our signature "Immortal Nectar" Cellular Serum .Instant results after Day One! Our botanical and herbal combination fills in cracks and crevices in the hair shaft strengthening the hair which reduces breakage. Results? An even healthy well behaved beard. 

Vamp Boss Beard Butter leaves skin underneath healthy, hydrated, itch free and heals cuts fast. A little goes a long way! Use throughout the day as needed to soften and moisturize. 

Vamp Boss Luxury Beard Butter

Use daily as needed. Beard Maintenance: To moisturize beard, prevent wiry flyaways, and promote healthy beard growth, apply a small amount on finger and apply at roots and distribute down to the ends of beard. Comb or brush as needed. As part of a daily regimen, wash beard to remove product at the end of day. 

* Indicates USDA Certified Organic Ingredient

Ingredients: *Mango Butter, *Shea Butter *Cocoa Butter, *Kapauchu Butter,  +Vamp Boss Immortal Nectar: Cellular Serum, *Coconut oil, *Argon Oil, *Grape Seed Oil, *Avocado oil, *Sandalwood Essential oil, *Lavender Essential Oil, *Lemongrass Essential Oil, , *Tea Tree Essential oil, *Clary Sage Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential oil, Oregano Essential Oil, *Rosemary Essential oil, Vetiver Essential Oil, *Clove Essential Oil.

+ Vamp Boss Immortal Nectar Serum Ingredients:  (Organic Jamaican Black Castor oil, Organic Argon Oil, Organic Grape Seed Oil, Organic Hibiscus flowers, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic avocado oil, Organic olive oil, Henna, Amla, Organic MSM, Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Shikaikai, Organic Fenugreek seeds, Clary Sage Essential oil, Organic Rose Hip powder, Brahmi, Organic Aloe Vera Powder, Organic Clove Essential Oil, Organic Kosher Plant Glycerin, Organic Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Organic Orange Essential Oil, , Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil, Organic Oregano Essential Oil, Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, Red Clover Extract.)

-Vegan Product -Therapeutic grade essential oils. -No parabens -No silicones -No synthetic fragrances -No animal testing.

Customer Reviews

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Best one yet

I am in love with the feel and the smell of this can’t wait to see whaat the next product is

Gerald W
My beard Needed That!

We love it and after the last few weeks my beard needed that lol it feels 100x better.

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