Dermatologists Share Secrets to Perfect Fall Skin

Dermatologists Share Secrets to Perfect Fall Skin

Don't let the falling temps get you down.

Keep your skin from freaking out this fall with these three science backed tips supported by beauty & grooming experts and dermatologists.

  1. Avoid Fragrance and Alcohol

"Switch to a gentle, fragrance-free cleanser, as strong soap can worsen itchy, dry skin," relays Dr. Ross Perry, Medical Director of CosmedicsUK. "I’d advise choosing a cream-based cleanser and use toners and astringents sparingly as quite often these contain alcohol, which can further dry your skin out."


  1. Don’t wear dry knits directly on skin. Layer with a breathable Fabric

Fall season means we bring out the fall wardrobe: Cozy scarves and beanies and our fave sweaters. While these accessories are critical for protecting against the elements, our fave cashmere and wool accessories can make our skin uncomfortable and irritating if there is direct contact. "Itchy skin, also known as pruritus, can be accentuated by rough, irritating winter fabrics," explains Dr. Tailor. "To avoid suffering from irritated skin and scalp when wearing winter clothes, try to opt for items made from natural, breathable materials. This helps the air circulate and reduces the build-up of heat in one place, which can add to the irritation."

Layer a breathable material under your knitwear so your skin is happy. 

Beauty and grooming experts note that many clients get acne around the jawline and neck during the colder months. "This is usually due to dirty scarves and jacket collars that constantly touch our face," she says.

We wear our go-to scarves and zip ups regularly, so make sure you're cleaning them frequently. "If you see makeup around the collar of your puffer jacket, it needs to be cleaned."

  1. Don't Overuse Oils

In the skincare world, there is a school of thought that using oils might exacerbate skin conditions like rosacea and acne. If you feel like your skin could benefit from some extra nourishment on the coldest days, esthetician Nataliya Robinson advises not to overuse pure oils like jojoba or argan. “Using pure oils on your skin daily can damage your lipid barrier. The best way to use oils is to mix the oil into your usual day or night cream.”

First, we know jojoba and argan are AMAZING for skin. She simply cautions against overuse. You want to ensure you’re not constantly sealing in dry skin underneath-oils are great… just make sure you are alternating or including additional moisturizers so that the oil isn’t sealing in ‘dry skin underneath’. 

If you alternate with a cream or nourishing body butter, it will deliver additional nutrients to the skin using humectants such as glycerine, that help pull and bind water into your dermal layer of skin. It’s the bomb for fall and winter season with hydrating ingredients.

Here's What to Give Your Skin this Fall

So, what makes a good Glow-Up skin formula? The experts at Byrdie, the one stop shop for insider beauty secrets, say it’s “ items that contain nourishing, moisturizing ingredients like plant oils and natural butters, along with antioxidants such as vitamin E and niacinamide (vitamin B3).”

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