The Best Gel for Natural Hair-TRUST

The Best Gel for Natural Hair-TRUST

If you're on a quest for the GLOW UP, then you ALREADY KNOW that not all gels are created equal. This gel has so many benefits rolled into one-it should be a staple in your arsenal. No PVPs, no petroleum, no plastics, no silicones, which means it's healthy for the environment and you.

Fresh Cut aloe vera leaves showing the healthy gel it houses inside. Next to it is a bottle of aloe vera gel with the Vamp Boss symbol on it. This gel is perfect for spring and summer style with soft flexible hold on all hair types.

Not only is aloe vera gel non-flaking, it gives a soft flexible hold plus it's beneficial for your hair. 

If you have dry scalp concerns, or your hair is dull and you're noticing it feels a bit rough when you slide your fingers down your hair strand, Aloe vera is a GAME Changer for STYLING and hair benefits. Here are some tips I shared with our VIP clients:

  • Problem: My scalp is so dry and itchy--since my hair is also very thick- I have a hard time rinsing my thick hair--and I kep itching/picking at my scalp. Suggestions?


  • Solution: 
    • I'd definitely recommend including aloe vera onto her scalp into her routine. The benefit is that it will help heal the scalp/skin so it can replenish faster from the scab.
    • Second, the enzymes 'loosen' the cell walls so that any build up/old cells/scabs will 'lift off' easier because they kinda separate or 'unstick' from eachother.
    • Third, by regularly using it--it will keep the scalp free of build up/scabs and discarded skin from the scalp will separate and rinse away easier.
    • Over the next few days Your hair might feel 'pillow soft' the morning after using aloe vera 😍
      • Science tip: Aloe reduces frizzy hair because it helps maintain a healthy pH of hair. when hair is at a higher pH, The cuticles of hair stand up causing frizz-especially noticeable on curly/wavy hair. the aloe vera is a lower pH and helps adjusts the pH of your hair.
      • Oily scalp: Aloe Vera gel and aloe Vera juice are great oil-free moisturizing and hydration options if you have an overly-active oily scalp. Plus, it has a balancing affect on the environment of the scalp and hair strands. Try for a week and see results!
    • When pH is in balance, the cuticles close along the hair strand. making them:
      • feel smoother and strands move freely past one another (easier detangling 🙂 ),
      • they reflect light better (shine 🙂 ) and since they lie flat,
      • the inner cortex of your hair is more protected ( great for summer heat 🙂 and less frizz).
      • Aloe Vera Gel (99% pure) also holds styles super well, while being healthy for you and your skin. Win Win!!!

The juice from the aloe vera plant looks like water and feels like water! It contains so many minerals, amino acids, healthy enzymes, and vitamins that all make the hair, beard, and skin feel renewed.

a glass of aloe vera juice. perfect for hydrating hair. Aloe vera juice feels like water but it contains micronutrients, amino acids, and balances pH of the hair, beard, and skin.

Check out our Kiss of Life or Dragon's Mist leave-ins. They both contain Aloe vera  juice and a combination of essential oils including tea tree oil + glycerin. The application on dry scalp causes any scabs or scalp build up to soften up and you can lift and remove more easily on you next wash day.

Plus, our special House of Dracul Bearded Dragon's Mist with aloe vera juice and essential oils for beards and the skin underneath.


Dragon's Mist 

House of Dracul Bearded Dragon's Mist (for beards)
 Kiss of Life
How do you use Aloe Vera? Share below!
In love and light,
Iset & Unnefer
Vamp Boss Founders