You're the Boss! Get your Lips To Act Right in 2022

You're the Boss! Get your Lips To Act Right in 2022


Cherry blossoms in beautiful reddish pinks are in the background with a container of White body butter cream centered like the moon. The words state: Botanical Luxe Lips and Luxe Lessons with Vamp Boss. An eco friendly lip balm packaged in bamboo is on the right with colorful vintage style label that says: Vamp Stick. The best lip balm for luxury lips. no synthetics, no parabans, no petroleum.

Here's your 30 second Luxe Lesson for lips so fresh.

You'll look like you just stepped out of a Victorian Era painting.


Glycerin... it's a botanical powerhouse. Here's why.

Humectants ----} Lead to Increased Elasticity---} which lead to Supple glowing skin.

Glycerin is a Humectant which by nature pulls moisture deep under the surface of the skin.

A photo showing clear glycerin in the background and the words: Glycerin is a powerhouse made from plants that acts as a powerful humectant. It pulls moisture into the layers of the skin. This means bonus moisture for lips. Find this in our Vamp Stick Lip Rejuvenation from Vamp Boss The First Luxury Natural and Organic haircare brand in Oregon. Indigenous owned, black owned, latinx owned, family owned. A Conscious Corporation.

We use glycerin as well in our Vamp Boss Vamp Stick: a lip rejuivantion balm. 

Customer Testimonial! This lip rejuvenation balm by Vamp Boss is Amazing! Check out their rad label and packaging too! An indigenous woman with a PHD is pictured with long dark hair. To the right is a luxury lip balm packaged in eco friendly bamboo casing.


Watch the video above to see Dr. Lu's experience with our Vamp Stick!

It always feels good to give people results that make them happy and confident!


Ethically sourced beeswax from a local ethical beekeeper is all we use in our lip balms so you can have peace of mind. Dry lips or chapped lips are saved with beeswax. In this picture, there are beeswax octagons arranged and five stars beneath them.

We source our artisan raw beeswax in our formula from a local ethical bee keeper here in the Pacific Northwest named Ethan Bennett and his company Honey Tree Apiaries. 

Seriously, this is a game changer for winter months dry lips. *Plus* speaking for an extended time in presentations or training with a mask on is super drying. This Vamp Stick lip balm was super hydrating and protected our lips tremendously.

 Click the image to cop your Vamp Stick for the Luxest Lips in the Land. 


Add your questions or experience with glycerin for lips below!



In love and light,

Iset & Unnefer