Vamp Boss is building power for native communities by intentionally sourcing from indigenous owned co-ops for our ingredients. 

We honor the Indigenous People’s resilience and celebrate their perspectives, art, and knowledge that contribute to a happier healthier world today and look to the future in partnership.

For Unnefer and I as founders of Vamp Boss we walked the walk by weaving into our business operations the inclusion of indigenous communities and families whenever we can so that as we grow, they grow. 

We start by honoring the people and the lands we live and operate our business on: the Kalapuya Land here in Corvallis, Oregon.

We share the voices and art of Kalapuyan people while learning about their current culture and their roots. From artists such as Stephanie Little-Bird, and leaders of the Confederated Grande Ronde Tribe such as their late matriarch and head chief Grandmother Aggie Pilgrim. 

 ‘Culture moves faster than policy’ is what Crystal Echo Hawk, CEO at Illuminative said during Indigenous People’s Day. This is so true! 

In light of that, Crystal asks: “What will you do to support building power for Native peoples?”

One thing Vamp Boss is doing to build power for Native communities is including them in our economy. We intentionally source from indigenous owned co-ops for our ingredients.

We felt doing business with the communities was the best way for immediate impact instead of us donating to a non-profit.

Because buying from Mayan people gives them power and money to use as they need. It uplifts them and helps them build their future. 

When you purchase from Vamp Boss, you’re including indigenous communities in the economy so they can thrive.  

Yes, Vamp Boss is indigenous owned…except this goes beyond that since any business can choose to source from indigenous artisans and professionals to help them be self sustainable and healthy economically. 🔥

This week, we’re highlighting the company Cacao Junajpu–the Mayan Owned Co-Op Vamp Boss sources ceremonial cacao from for our high-performance hair masque and botanical body moisturizer. 

During the 2020 pandemic when life came to a halt, Vamp Boss got busy searching for other communities to source ingredients from-and we are happy to bring you this award winning quality cacao in our botanical offerings.

Why Your Hair Wants Cacao

Cacao is perfectly packed with antioxidants, magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamins for glowing healthy hair and boosted circulation for healthier roots.

Cacao beans were synonymous with currency for the Maya because they were so valued. Cacao was so revered it was reserved for the elite or special ceremonies. 

We named our Ayurvedic Nutrient Bomb hair masque the Luxury “Money” Masque because it’s like slathering riches in your tresses.

Our distinctive hair masque is So Money for your hair with nutrient dense botanicals AND it's So Money for the Mayan community we source from.

Cacao Junajpu (pronounced hoo-nah-pooh) receives cacao beans from:

  • Small, family-owned farms in the State of Suchitepequez, Guatemala.  
  • The farms are part of a national reforestation program (INAB) which focuses on biodiversity, and regeneration of the rainforest's natural ecosystems.  
  • The Criollo cacao trees in this region are 3,000 year old ‘grandmother’ trees with high quality one of a kind nutrient profile and potency.

  • A Statement from Cacao Junajpu: “Some words about our cacao:

    • 2018 ​International Chocolate Awards Silver Medal winner out of 2,000 applicants in the competition.
    • 100% ceremonial-grade, heirloom variety of Cacao. 
    • This variety of cacao is called "Criollo," meaning wild, or native.  Fine cacao (Criollo) accounts for only 5% of world cocoa production, and ONLY grows in Central America.
    • A small group of Maya guides dedicated to creating ceremonial cacao for the public. Cacao is made according to the days of the Maya Sacred Calendar, (the Cholq'ij, or Tzolkin).  
    • We do a ceremony and offering while we make each batch, based on the Maya energy of that day, infusing each batch with massive vibrations of love, compassion, service, abundance and purpose.
    • The Panela in our cacao is pure, unrefined cane juice, dehydrated and crystallized by evaporation with no added chemical substances.  
      • It is  rich in A, B, C, D and E vitamins, and the minerals phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.”

    Still today, the area's population is made up of 80% Mayan Quiche peoples.  (photo credit below to Cacao Jujnapu)

    We wanted to #thankyou all from the bottom of our hearts for your collaboration.
    Every bag of
    #Cacao you buy, turns into a bag of food for someone here in Guatemala, or an odd job, or anything we can think of to #spreadthelove #strongertogether. The #REAL cacao #ceremonies #circular #economy”--Cacau Jujnapu

    When you purchase from Vamp Boss, you’re including indigenous communities in the economy so they can thrive. 

    To celebrate Indigenous People's Day, I’m happy to showcase two of our finest products below available for purchase!

    Featuring Mayan-owned superior nutrient-rich cacao, choose our "Money Masque" for Hair and our Botanical Bomba Butter for skin! Perfect duo for fall.