From Chemicals to Classy Natural in a Corporate World: True Story

From Chemicals to Classy Natural in a Corporate World: True Story


Trust me, I’ve been there too with heat damaged hair that seems lifeless. I felt frustrated because I knew I was staying on top of a regimen ... Regularly cleansing and deep conditioning-- I only blow dried once a week and flat ironed some days--

So why wasn't I seeing results?

The huge gap that was missing didn’t exist. Se we created Vamp Boss. 

My mother, a mixed heritage woman of Mayan, Caribe, Latina, and English ancestry, set off on an adventure ready to explore Mayan culture, connect with a healthy lifestyle, and help people along the way. She just did a big chop of the chemically treated hair from her tresses leaving about 2 inches of short, healthy hair. She felt alive and finally free and instantly posted her before and after videos.

As she traveled in Palenque, Mexico--I excitedly told her about our new formulation: natural & organic with better growth results than Rogaine! Stronger leave-in strength than Chi or Efogee. Insane growth--with only healthy ingredients touching her hair. She loved it and felt it was perfect for her natural lifestyle goals. I prepared to get her mailing address and set up Skype sessions.

I so wanted her to have the Vamp Boss kit--because she was a Queen at heart to our family, my husband, to all. She was the greatest Glam-Gram (grandmother) to our kids, and she deserved the best for her health and her hair. My mother passed away unexpectedly on that trip to Palenque and I never got a chance to mail her this amazing nourishes to flourish. A

The difference is you can take action today and have the confidence to get out there and make your mark on the world. 

Before Vamp Boss

November 2016: I had Shoulder length hair. Non-relaxed and no chemicals. 

Below: One year passed into 2017. The picture below is hair after a blow dry (no flat iron). I had zero increase in length; Dry and breaking ends caused no length retention; hair appears dry and frizzy especially at ends.

Young business woman with shoulder length hair. Appears dry and frizzy. Slightly wirey


After Vamp Boss Ayurvedic System

This is a pic from 2018 after a blow dry (no flat iron): extremely noticeable increase in hair length, shiny healthy hair that is smooth and happy in appearance. Considerable increase in rate of growth, Shiny smooth hair without frizz. Hair is shiny with healthy strong ends.

 Woman with hair that has grown rapidly. Hair is in one ponytail with many hair clips.

used to be a skeptic Ayurveda and botanicals in natural products. Until I finally formulated it for myself. In one use, I felt a difference, in one week, I saw sped up growth that I had to do a double take on…and smooth hair that was bouncy and fortified. WOW. Nothing has come close to this. 


Each ringlet was more defined and the hair laid in a well behaved way. On days where I blow dry hair styles were more sleek, my hair was more manageable. This meant less time blow drying my hair, and it felt amazing with less time under hot direct heat.

You might be worried that even if you order the collection to help you succeed--What if you don't have enough time to commit to the follow through. Especially in the morning, (workouts, university, family, your 9 to 5, and weekends are full to the max).

If you keep worrying, you'll never get the benefits of the results. If you take action, you'll go from hair that's “Good enough” to Boss Level. 


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A 7 Day regimin for glowing hair. These steps you can incorporate into your daily rituals.

In love and light,

Iset, Vamp Boss LLC Co-Founder